Developed in the field - tested in the lab

Our laboratories are equipped with state-of-the-art measuring and testing instruments for reliable testing and documentation of all relevant properties of materials.

Pronouvo cork bearings are an in-house development consisting of special cork granules and a number of other appropriate components. By using various grain sizes and blending in individually selected additives, we are able to adapt the properties of each bearing perfectly to its particular application.

To ensure a consistent quality and for new product developments we have several measuring and testing instruments available.

Servo-hydraulic test machine
Electronically regulated servo-hydraulic machine to carry out force or directional controlled compression and tensile strength tests. The equipment is suitable for both static and dynamic testing, i.e. it is possible to input both simple increases in load and cyclical loads of variable frequencies. The strain/deformation diagrams are displayed automatically on an integrated x/y plotter.

Long-term deformation behaviour
To investigate the long-term deformation behaviour of Pronouvo bearings, we have specially constructed hydraulic and pneumatic stretching blocks. The different bearings are subjected to a constant pressure over a long period of time corresponding to practical operating conditions and the deformation is precisely measured.

Unbalance exciter mass/spring system
Test stand to determine dynamic behaviour with vibration-damped bearings. In this specially developed test procedure, the Pronouvo bearings are placed between an unbalance excited variable mass and a rigid massive concrete foundation. The rotational speed of the unbalance exciter and the oscillation speed of the elastically supported mass are electronically recorded and transmitted to an x/y plotter. Using this method, frequency curves can be determined for all bearing conditions encountered in practice.